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In the CHS, we believe that it is important to reward and recognize staff. Reward and Recognition is the “extent to which employees feel rewarded and recognized for their performance, feel satisfied with their employment benefits and development programmes and feel satisfied with their career progression so far.  Management has decided to embark on a two-fold process to promote an environment where staff are continuously recognized for outstanding work.

Firstly, we have created a “Certificate of Appreciation” whereby an individual can be nominated by their line manager or colleague for outstanding service. Please send your nominations with a summary of why the individual has been nominated for this certificate to  You can then print out the appropriate certificate below and have it signed by the relevant Dean or Director: Professional Services.

Secondly, the CHS Public Relations Unit will collate all nominations into a list which will be published on the notice system and website. Staff will then be able to vote, towards the end of the year, for the “Employee of the Year” in each School and in the Professional Services Unit.

So start nominating your colleagues who perform outstanding work; are respectful, courteous and professional in their behaviour and emanate excellence in all that they do. Note that no certificate will be signed without a summary of the nomination.





Certificate-of-Appreciation-Nursing and Public Health

UKZN Job Profiles

CHS Generic Medical Officer

28 Nov 2011 Academic Leader-Teaching and Learning
28 Nov 2011 Academic Leader-Research
28 Nov 2011 Academic Leader-Final draft
CHS.Generic Job Profile Associate Professor
CHS.Generic Job Profile Lecturer
CHS.Generic Job Profile Professor
CHS.Generic Job Profile Senior Lecturer
CHS.Generic Job Profile Senior Tutor
CHS.Generic Job Profile Tutor
College Dean of Research JP & organogram Evaluated
College Dean of T&L Evaluated
College Dean of T&L Organogram Evaluated
College Director-Professional services June 2011

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02 Proposals
03 Ethics
04 Intention To Submit
06 Processing of Examination Results
07 Unpaid Employees
08 Maintain Supervisors
09 Supervisors For Pipeline Students 
10 Maintain Examiners
11 Progress Report
12 Supervisor Report
13 Suspensions
14 HDMS Reports


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